Adversary Simulation

MDSec’s ActiveBreach team will gauge your readiness to real world threats.

Most organisations have a good understanding of penetration testing and vulnerability assessment practices. While a regular assessment framework will help to address many of the risks your organisation might face, it may not necessarily take all possible approaches in to consideration.

While drawing on elements of a traditional pentest methodology, an adversary simulation uses a wider scope and focuses on specific scenarios and goals of concern to the organisation, allowing the exercise to explore real-world risks that an organisation may face from a determined threat actor.

MDSec’s ActiveBreach team is a comprised of experienced, specialist consultants, dedicated to offensive and defensive security testing, providing peace of mind for simulations on critical economic and business functions. The ActiveBreach team is certified under the CREST STARBank of England CBEST and TIBER frameworks to provide targeted attack services. The ActiveBreach team will simulate the techniques, tactics and procedures used by real-world adversaries to target your organisation.

MDSec’s Adversary Simulation services provide a realistic view of your organisation’s security posture to achieve board level impact.

MDSec are able to assist in the evaluation of your organisation’s threat profile, including:

  • Adversary simulation and intelligence led penetration testing,
  • Assumed breach assessments,
  • Managed phishing,
  • Threat modelling for key assets and stakeholders,
  • Assessment of defensive technologies, including anti-exploit, anti-virus, malware protection and data loss prevention implementations,
  • Review of runbooks and IR procedures,
  • Employee security awareness,
  • Physical social engineering via black team assessments.

The ActiveBreach team helps organisations with a mature security strategy go beyond the limitations of traditional penetration testing.

An assessment by our ActiveBreach team will simulate the steps that a typical adversary would undertake and provides insight to organisational defences. It also provides a useful benchmark to evaluate the effectiveness of monitoring teams or software, data loss prevention implementations as well as traditional defences such as anti-virus and anti-malware.

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