Purple Teaming

Our purple teaming services are fully collaborative, allowing blue teams to sit alongside our red team and correlate attacks and techniques with alerts.

As a training-focused company with expert services in both attack and defence/incident response we are well placed to help internal blue teams.

Controls Assessment

Many organisations invest large sums of money in defensive controls such as EDR, DLP, mail and web proxy solutions which do not have an associated clear, third party technical security assessment. It has been proven on many of MDSec’s engagements that some of these technologies provide little to no value in stopping a skilled attacker.

Our controls assessments can evaluate your EDR, DLP, Mail, web proxy software, or a custom control the organisation relies on such as network/trust zones, password managers or log aggregators. The assessment will generally either take a comprehensive, product-wide perspective, or it will assess a deployed poof of concept or production control via a suitably chosen scenario, run collaboratively with the blue team for whom the evaluation may be being performed.

Consultancy Advice

Successful adversary simulation operations often identify a suite of remedial activities the organisation can implement to improve detection, response and overall capabilities. MDSec is happy to provide follow-up support to clients who have recently engaged MDSec’s adversary simulation service, as well as perform specific assessments on security controls.

As evidenced by our Adversary Simulation and Red Team Tactics training course, MDSec is committed to knowledge transfer through courses, blogs and white papers. We believe that direct collaboration with clients advances both red team and blue team knowledge and skills.

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We can help

Assist in the evaluation of your security controls, including:

  • Post-Simulation or post-incident review;
  • Security alerting;
  • EDR testing;
  • Proxy and mail defence configuration;
  • Active directory review;
  • Workstation resilience;
  • Blue Team and outsourced SOC validation.

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