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MDSec is a security consulting and education company whose expertise is backed by the Web and Mobile Application Hacker’s Handbook series.

We offer a range of consultancy services that can be tailored to meet your organisations needs. Our consultancy team consists of the best information security talent around the world. We have experts across all fields of enterprise and consumer technology, from low-level hardware hacking, to sophisticated and targeted attacks where custom exploits and implants are required.

Training from book, blog, and tool authors

Education for time-strapped professionals has been one of our core missions, and the ActiveBreach team are one of the few companies to spill the tricks of the trade in our Adversary Simulation: Red Team Tactics course.

Elsewhere, our Beyond the Web Application Hacker’s Handbook course launched at Blackhat in 2019 and has received five-star reviews from those experienced AppSec warriors wanting to learn more in their field.

MDSec’s directors have over 15 years’ experience in technical security training, and have delivered training to worldwide audiences at BlackHat, Hack In The Box, 44Con, OWASP AppSec EU, Ruxcon, SyScan, Hacker Halted, and numerous closed-door sessions. Our courses are frequently tailored to customer requirement and have ranged from fully online / self-paced to interactive classroom sessions (our favourite!), always lead by a proven expert in the field.



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