Our growing UK-based team is always on the lookout for talented individuals with a passion for technical cyber security

We’re looking for individuals with a passion for technical cyber security

The right person will be highly technical and should view info sec as not just a job but a passion.

The day-to-day work is varied so an all-rounder with experience in two or more of the following is desirable: web and mobile application testing, infrastructure pen tests, red teaming, code review, product assessment, incident response and reverse engineering. There are also other opportunities to contribute to growing services where development and training experience will be a plus.

What does it take to work at MDSec?

  • Passionate attitude towards infosec;
  • Knowledge of web and mobile technologies and vulnerabilities;
  • Solid programming skills, any of C, C++, Java, C#, Python, Ruby, x86 or ARM assembly;
  • Experience in researching, and exploiting Microsoft Office file format vulnerabilities;
  • Experience in exploiting or bypassing antivirus and other security products;
  • Evidence of public-domain exploitation in the form of public advisories;
  • Strong written and communication skills.

What else would we like to see?

  • Training development and/or delivery;
  • Reverse engineering;
  • Red teaming;
  • Active Directory internals;
  • Vulnerability research including fuzzing, crash triaging and exploit development;
  • Malware analysis;
  • Hardware hacking;
  • MSc in Computer Science or similar;
  • Industry relevant certification such as OSCP, CREST CRT, CCT, CSAS

Why join

Key Benefits

  • Work with our team of technical experts;
  • Monthly research nights;
  • Internal and external conferences;
  • Healthcare and pension


  • Join a team of world-renowned experts

    Work alongside and learn from our team of technical experts.

  • Technical focus

    Our company is led by technical directors; attend monthly research nights, participate in technical awards, go to internal and external security conferences.

  • Access to learning materials

    Access all of our internal training materials as well as attending closed-door sessions of our public courses.

  • Healthcare and pension

    MDSec have a comprehensive healthcare plan as well as company pension.

Current Positions

  • Flexible
    Application Security Consultant
  • Flexible
    Associate Director
  • Flexible
    Security Consultant
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