Red Team Operations

MDSec’s ActiveBreach team assume the role of a sophisticated adversary to provide a realistic assessment of your organisation’s cyber resilience.

Our ActiveBreach red team helps organisations with a mature security strategy go beyond the limitations of traditional penetration testing.

Most organisations have a good understanding of penetration testing and vulnerability assessment practices. Whilst a regular assessment framework will help to address many of the risks your organisation might face, it may not necessarily take all possible approaches into consideration.

A red team operation incorporates a broader scope, focussing on the organisation as a whole and incorporating its people, processes and technology. By simulating the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) of real world adversaries, a successful red team operation is not only able to demonstrate the effectiveness of an organisation’s defensive capabilities but also provide incident responders and defensive teams the opportunity to identify flaws in response playbooks.

MDSec’s ActiveBreach team is comprised of experienced, specialist consultants, dedicated to offensive and defensive security testing, providing peace of mind for simulations on critical economic and business functions. Our red team operations are delivered under and inline with the CREST STARBank of England CBEST and TIBER frameworks.

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Perform in-depth, world class red teaming and adversary simulation services, including:

  • CBEST, GBEST and TIBER framework regulated intelligence-led red team operations;
  • End to end, kill chain aligned red team operations;
  • Objective-led assumed breach assessments;
  • Physical / Black team assessments and social engineering;
  • Evaluation of of the effectiveness of defensive controls including Endpoint Detection and Response/Prevention (EDR/P) solutions, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Application Whitelisting solutions.

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