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We expect to work closely with customers through a retainer model. This allows us to hold workshops to understand current processes, provide training, and conduct readiness assessments.


Cyber security breaches are rarely out of the news; whether an organisation has previously been a victim of a breach or is yet to experience one, a robust plan is normally required which can be quickly put into action. MDSec’s retained response service provides 24/7/365 access to expert incident response consultants, as well as discounted access to proactive services to help prepare for any future incidents.



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MDSec want to ensure that you get the most value out of your retainer; therefore, all retained response packages include an onboarding session where you are introduced to your lead consultant who is responsible for you throughout the 12-month term and where we discuss how the business operates, your security concerns and requirements, and your existing incident response plans.

MDSec do not charge a call-out fee for retained response. Additionally, all hours are available to be consumed as appropriate for proactive services, ad-hoc support, or full end-to-end emergency response.

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