Product Assessment

MDSec can assess your own or a vendor’s product to ensure that it does not introduce vulnerabilities into an environment, and to ensure that that it meets its security claims.


Many products make claims about their security which are hard for an end user to validate without expertise and time. Such products may also be given a high degree of trust in the organisation’s network, processing sensitive information such as domain credentials, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), or performing a critical business function.

MDSec’s technical team boasts numerous advisories for leading software firms and our ActiveBreach adversary simulation team regularly works on bypassing security products. Our work in product assessment is performed for some of the leading software firms as well as for end users to ensure that organisations are able to gain peace of mind in their investment or deployment ahead of a purchase, or of a product which is already installed in the network.

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Typical considerations include:

  • Verifying vendor security claims;
  • Verifying authentication and authorization, exception handling, logging and audit trails;
  • White-box / static code analysis to look for security vulnerabilities;
  • Black-box testing / fuzzing to find and prove exploitability.


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