Cloud Security Assessment

Organisations moving to the Cloud have to make key decisions around configuration including network segregation, auditing, access and identity management, and storage. Our Cloud assessment services can ensure that the environment follows industry-recommended practice and does not leave accidental exposures.

Cloud environments are increasingly responsible for all of the configuration, management, monitoring and security controls associated with the applications and services they host. Cloud security is frequently a matter of ensuring that the management environment provided by the Cloud service is being correctly leveraged and is correctly configured.

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Typical considerations include:

  • Infrastructure segregation;
  • User accounts;
  • Groups and RBAC;
  • Access permissions and privileges;
  • Access Control Lists (ACLs) on objects;
  • Password complexity and policies;
  • Server host builds and management;
  • Monitoring, auditing and logging.
  • Cloud hygiene
  • Leveraging the cloud provider’s or equivalent offerings including
    firewalling, intrusion detection, Web Application Firewalling (WAF)

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