The Mobile Application Hacker’s Handbook

Following on from our previous publications in the Hacker’s Handbook series, MDSec’s director Dominic Chell has co-authored a new book on how to secure mobile applications.

The Mobile Application Hacker’s Handbook, which sold out in under 24 hours of its release on Amazon, is a comprehensive guide to securing all mobile applications by approaching the issue from a hacker’s point of view. Heavily practical, the book provides expert guidance toward discovering and exploiting flaws in mobile applications on the iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone platforms.

The book’s companion site provides a repository for source code and other resources from the book, as well as details for MDSec’s companion training course where you can learn how to not only hack but also secure mobile applications from the lead author.

The Mobile Application Hacker’s Handbook was published 24th February 2015 and was co-authored by Tyrone Erasmus, Shaun Colley and Ollie Whitehouse. Dominic and MDSec would like to thank the other authors for all their hard work in helping make this publication happen.

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