Response Services

MDSec’s response services can assist you in identifying and nullifying security incidents

Targeted cyber attacks are becoming an increasing concern for many organisations, who frequently either do not have adequate time or experience in investigating, quantifying and attributing a compromise. MDSec have significant experience in helping clients fully understand and defend against attacks on their resources.

In the event of a security incident, MDSec are able to help your organisation in a number of ways, including but not limited to:

  • Compromise assessment,
  • Malware reverse engineering,
  • Forensics and attack reconstruction,

MDSec’s consultants are able to assist in post incident analysis, as well as helping to attribute an attack to a specific threat actor. Understanding why, how and by whom your business was targeted can provide a useful tool to not only assist with an investigation but also to inform and tailor future protections.

MDSec uses a mixture of the latest analysis tools to supplement our in-house developed frameworks and assist in the analysis of complex malware samples. This enables us to break custom encryption and obfuscation routines used by many malware samples in a shorter space of time, leading to faster and better results for our clients.

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