Managed Phishing

Measure your employee threat profile with a managed phishing campaign.

It is a well-documented fact that most targeted attack or APT campaigns start with a spear phishing e-mail. It is therefore essential to evaluate and educate employees on the dangers of unsolicited e-mails. MDSec’s managed phishing campaign provides a comprehensive and metric-based facility to gauge employee behaviour.
MDSec’s phishing offering is a fully managed service, guided by one of our expert consultants. Whether you want to run a single campaign or regular campaigns, you’ll be provided with a detailed metric based report giving you an insight in to your organisations threat profile. This allows you to track employee behaviour over time and recognise improvements from previous campaigns.

Improve employee awareness and track improvement.

While awareness training raises employee’s understanding about security threats, it does not always change behaviour. However influencing employees to recognise and react to phishing e-mails through regular campaigns is a proven approach to improving behaviour and reducing incidents.

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Whether you want to find out who’s opening unsolicited attachments or simply clicking e-mail links, MDSec’s phishing campaigns can be specifically tailored to help you achieve your goals.

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