Mobile Security

MDSec has worked at the forefront of mobile security since inception.

As a rapidly evolving technology, more and more organizations are seeking specialist technical assurance on the deployment of mobile solutions. Being a relatively new area for many organizations, developing an in-house mobile security strategy may seem a daunting task. MDSec is able to help you define, develop and implement security controls for your mobile solution that will protect your organization’s data.

MDSec have published advisories, whitepapers, tools and publications in this field, including the popular Mobile Application Hacker’s Handbook.

MDSec are able to assist in the evaluation of your mobile deployments, including:

  • Mobile device build and configuration,
  • Assessment of mobile applications and backend services,
  • Mobile management technologies such as BYOD and MDM,
  • Mobile payment systems,
  • Mobile operating systems and associated technologies such as TrustZone, boot loaders, NFC and Bluetooth.

MDSec have significant experience in this field, with a proven track record in identifying weaknesses in mobile services.

As mobile security experts, MDSec provide both public and in-house training courses to organisations across all sectors and are a regular fixture at security conferences such as 44Con, HackInTheBox and Ruxcon. To find out more about how MDSec can assist in improving the quality of your internal security or development teams, get in touch.

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