Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure Security

We believe large, complex infrastructures require considerable breadth and depth of experience from the assessment team.
Largely automated assessment can identify issues only in the isolated context of one server. For reasons of cost-effectiveness, these may even exist internally.

Our Infrastructure Assessment exercises use experienced consultants who can place systems and vulnerabilities in context by combining the assessment with an architecture-centric understanding of the systems. This allows us to focus on the key threats as they relate to key information or management assets and key business workflow or BAU, and the trust relationships involved in each case.

MDSec’s infrastructure assessments simulate a goal orientated attacker within your network

In instances where organisations have their own automated scanning processes in place, we are happy to factor these results into our own activities to speed up the assessment and focus on the elements requiring human understanding.

Common sub-activities relating to infrastructure assessment frequently cover:

  • Server Build Review
  • Workstation Review
  • Database Assessment
  • Network Architecture Review

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