Hardware Security

Hardware Security Assessments

Embedded Systems and Internet of Things (IoT) devices have entered almost all aspects of our daily life, from smart homes to smart heating and office security systems. Individuals as well the enterprise are increasingly utilizing embedded devices to assist with daily tasks, and quite often critical ones. Unfortunately security concerns are often overlooked during the design of these devices resulting in significant risks from there use. MDSec’s hardware security assessments have been designed to identifying weaknesses within your devices or products before an attacker does.

MDSec consultants have performed such assessments against smart hubs, routers, alarm panels, CCTV, mobile & payment solutions. Our hardware security assessments intend to identify weaknesses that maybe leveraged by an attacker to obtain access to sensitive information, interrupt critical operations, or attack interconnected IT systems.

MDSec can perform a device assessment and identify real-world risks that an attacker may seek to exploit in your hardware.

Our assessments are tailored to each individual device and its purpose, using a threat model to create a bespoke testing package. We attempt to leverage hardware weaknesses to gain access to sensitive parts of devices and extract information not typically accessible to a consumer or user of a product. These systems may often be implemented as a form of physical security and weaknesses within them could result in failure of security systems. Our assessment packages help you identify these weaknesses before your adversaries do.

Typical considerations include:

  • Debug Ports JTAG / UART
  • Device Assessment SPI / I2C / 2-WIRE
  • Firmware Analysis & Reverse Engineering (ARM, M68K, Intel, Linux/WinCE/QNX/VxWorks)
  • Wireless & Communication Protocols (Zigbee 802.15.4 / 802.11 WiFi / RFID etc.)

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