Security Awareness

Security Awareness Training

To complement our assessment-based services relating to phishing and red teaming, we provide training to ensure that users do not fall victim to the vast majority of such attacks.
Our approach is mindful that users have limited time and inclination, and as a result, training has to be:

  • Short and direct
  • Solution-oriented, focusing on simple and non-technical solutions
  • Clear on the direct personal benefit or risk to them at each stage
  • Representative of company policy
  • Providing a marked evaluation that the security team can review

We allow for some corporate branding and tailoring of the course, particularly in regard to company policy, links to further information or key personnel and department information.

Course Contents

Our course covers the following key topics, although it can be customised on request. Our standard course is expected to take 25-30 minutes for a user to complete, and is SCORM-compliant, allowing it to integrate into an existing LMS if preferred.

  • Why attackers target you, what they get out of you
  • How to secure your workstation
  • How to work securely on the move
  • Tips on choosing strong passwords

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