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Secure Mobile Development Training

Research into mobile device and application security is a continually evolving area in which ideas are regularly challenged and new threats and concepts discovered. Particularly on the device side, discovering new vulnerabilities that may undermine the accepted defenses that an application employs is common.

Mobile applications are affected by a range of security vulnerabilities, many of which are inherited from traditional attacks against web and desktop applications. However, several other classes of attack are specific to the mobile area and arise due to the way in which mobile applications are used and the relatively unique entry points and the attack surfaces that these apps create.

MDSec’s Secure Mobile Development courses provide interactive security examples within sample applications, allowing the trainee to view secure and insecure coding patterns first-hand. We cover all applications of appsec including the OWASP Mobile Top 10, but most of all: we promote a security mindset throughout the course, which allows trainees to see code and design as an attacker would. The course provides in-depth analysis of how to attack mobile applications, providing developers with an insight in to an attacker’s mindset and capabilities.

In order to minimise the impact on development teams, we typically offer our course as a 1-day workshop covering either Android or iOS.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction to mobile application security
  • The OWASP Mobile Top 10
  • The iOS/Android Security Model
  • Securing Communications
  • Securing Storage
  • IPC mechanisms; activities, services, broadcasts, content providers, application extensions.
  • Understanding runtime manipulation
  • Implementing Root / Jailbreak Detection
  • Implementing advanced security

For further information on the course contents or to receive the syllabus, please contact us.

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